Bikers Rejoice: You've Got Your Own (Equally Unaffordable) Lamborghini Now

By Eric Limer on at

Rather cycle than drive? Prefer beautiful, totally unattainable things to realistic purchases? Enter the Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Edition impec, a bike that's as beautiful as it is out of your reach.

A marriage of high-end, custom-made Italian components and a Swiss-made carbon fibre impec frame, this child of a Lamborghini and BMC partnership is a truly premium means of foot-powered conveyance. It is, essentially, an Aventador in bike form. The worldwide run is limited to 50 bikes in total, and each is made-to-order exclusively through your BMC Switzerland or, of course, your local Lamborghini dealership.

And how much does it cost? A mere £22,000, or you know, the price of a car. You'd better hope there's off-street parking for bikes; you won't want to leave that hanging out on the street. [BMC-Racing]