Breathometer: A Tiny Breathalyser That Plugs Into Your iPhone

By Leslie Horn on at

It's always better to be safe than sorry if you've had too many drinks to get behind the wheel. Breathometer is a new breathalyser that works with your smartphone to make absolutely sure you're clear. And it's a whole lot cheaper than a drink driving charge.

The pocket-sized piece of hardware plugs into your headphone jack. You just blow into it and it tells you your blood alcohol content. It looks insanely simple and it fits right in your pocket. Pre-orders start today — Breathometer is still raising funds on Indiegogo — but it's supposed to ship as early as July for £70 plus shipping per device. You also can pay as little as £17 plus shipping, but you won't get your Breathometer until around January. If you can wait that long, it sounds like a useful tool to have, even if you're just playing with it and have no intention of driving. [Breathometer]