Canadian Man Willing to Swap ENTIRE HOUSE for Bitcoins

By Gary Cutlack on at

Canadian Taylor More has put his house on the market, which is not a particularly newsworthy event even in this age of ongoing housing crises. What's unusual is the asking price, which is $405,000 -- or the equivalent in online currency Bitcoins.

In his property sale listing, More says of the deal: "If you had $405k I wouldn't turn you down but if a partial or whole transaction is done using Bitcoins the price can be reduced depending on how many Bitcoins you have to trade."

The current Bitcoin exchange rate is about one Bitcoin to every 68 US dollars. More's house is being sold in Canada, so that's a Canadian dollar price in the listing, which works out at... this might take a while. Reload this page tomorrow once we've done the maths. [BBC]