Cannabis Scratch-and-Sniff Is the New Craze From Crimestoppers

By Sam Gibbs on at

Don't know what a bit of weed smells like? Crimestoppers has got you covered with its brand new scratch-and-sniff cards. Because everyone needs know what cannabis smells like, right?

Unfortunately it's just the smell; no matter how many of these things you sniff you're not going to get high. Crimestoppers reckons that by posting these things out to hundreds of households, it'll empower an army of weed-detecting locals sniffing out weed farms with their now-tuned noses.

Apparently West Yorkshire is the UK's hotbed of cannabis plantations with 1,800 of the things busted by the rozzers between 2010 and 2012. South Yorkshire comes in second place with 1,600 farms, with London landing a disappointing 3rd in the national weed-growing league table with a paltry 1,200 urban farms cracked down upon.

The move by the police and Crimestoppers is in direct retaliation to an apparent shift towards house-growing of cannabis. Commercial farmers are taking to abandoned houses and shops in urban areas, rather than the traditional rural or industrial settings.

Anyway, if you've ever wondered what weed smells like when it's growing, you'll probably get a scratch-and-sniff through your door soon. Just make sure you don't manage to rub it all over your clothes while taking a whiff -- you don't want to give your boss any more of a reason to fire your arse. [Crimestoppers via BBC]

Image credit: Weed from Shutterstock