CheapAir: Search for Flights With Your Voice

By Leslie Horn on at

Searching for flights can be frustrating. You go back over and over, tweaking your dates and destinations, trying to find the best fare. But a new voice-controlled app could help.


What does it do?

Lets you use your voice to search for airfare by simply speaking London to Manchester, March 29 through April 1, or even Friday to Monday.


Why do we like it?

Because you don't have to fill out any search forms. You can also speak colloquially, and the app can understand what you're talking about. For example, you can just say the day of the week. Plus, it gives you the general info you want to know, like whether the aircraft has meal service or just crappy peanuts. Hey, anything that makes it easier to get the heck out of Dodge is fine by us. [iOS, Free]