Chrome's "Pulling an Opera" and Compressing Data Through a Proxy

By Gary Cutlack on at

One of the big boasts Opera's been making for years is that of the power of its mobile data compression routines, which shove web traffic through an optimisation process to lessen the eventual downloads over your phone's data link. Now Google's doing the same thing in the latest Android Chrome beta.

The system uses a Google-hosted proxy and its existing PageSpeed libraries to "multiplex multiple request and response streams" over one connection to your mobile, with the compression utility also transcoding images to the WebP format which reduces file size a little. The result could be "substantial bandwidth savings" according to Google, along with hopefully speedier connections when using a 3G or even an archaic old 2G mobile data connection.

Activate this feature by downloading the Chrome Beta from Google's app shop, then typing "chrome://flags" in your URL bar and switching it on. [Chrome Beta via Google]

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