Crossrail Tunnelers May Have Found the Remains of 50,000 Black Death Victims

By Gary Cutlack on at

Archaeologists working in and around the Crossrail tunneling efforts that are currently cutting London a new hole have made a shocking discovery, which could be the tip of an iceberg consisting of some 50,000 plague victims.

Diggers have unearthed what they believe might be a graveyard beneath Farringdon, a part of London believed to have been used as a mass burial site some 650 years ago when the Black Death was sweeping the country. Up to 50,000 plague victims were thought to have been dumped in the impromptu cemetery, as the disease wiped out one third of the UK's population.

Jay Carver, Crossrail's lead archaeologist, said: "At this early stage, the depth of burials, the pottery found with the skeletons and the way the skeletons have been set out, all point towards this being part of the 14th century emergency burial ground." [Reuters]

Image credit: Dead bodies from Shutterstock