Cyando AG Brings Swiss Perfection to Cloud Storage

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Hear mention of Switzerland and your mind probably wanders off to cuckoo clocks and cheese. But the Swiss are also known for their impenetrable banks and brilliantly-intricate watches. Switzerland is synonymous with rock-solid security and with precision engineering, and Cyando AG is bringing those qualities to cloud storage. Whether you’re looking to keep precious digital memories safe or invaluable customer data protected, Cyando’s storage is as solid as a Swiss Bank.

Cyando AG is the name behind, the file hosting service with millions of worldwide users. Its fast growing userbase means is quickly earning a glowing reputation: individual and corporate users alike know that they can trust with their most precious data.

That’s partly because of Cyando AG’s location. Switzerland isn’t just a great place to store data because of its reputation; it’s a great place because of its regulation too. Swiss data protection laws are among the world’s strongest, and organisations based there have to satisfy extremely tough criteria. In Switzerland, “good enough” security isn’t good enough. Cyando AG ensures that files are checked for viruses and encrypted by the browser, uploaded through the app or via FTP to multiple redundant servers, backed up automatically and available 24/7, 365 days per year.

In addition to its security and privacy protection, is also popular because of its scalability: high traffic of 1,000 GB per month is perfectly possible, and storage capacity of up to 1 Petabyte can be made available with a single click.

While impressive, isn’t the only interesting product available from Cyando AG. It also operates VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) with more than 50 servers and 7,000 individual IP addresses in more than 15 countries, enabling businesses to transmit and share data safely and securely without fear of interception. And Cyando also offers a Content Delivery Network, or CDN, which minimises the distance between servers and users to deliver the smoothest, fastest content delivery possible. That’s particularly useful for media streaming, where distance and network congestion can all too easily make the unmissable unwatchable.

Cyando AG’s philosophy can be summed up in its three-word mission statement: Acquire, Incubate, Expand. From its headquarters in Wollenau Lake Zurich, its team of 20 experts are focused on developing innovative solutions for file hosting, cloud storage, VPNs and CDNs. You might not have heard of Cyando AG before, but you can be sure you’ll be hearing a lot about them in the future.