Do You Want Google Now For Your iPhone?

By Sam Gibbs on at

I've said time, and time again that the best thing about Android is potentially Google Now. It's still in its infancy, but is apparently coming to a desktop near you. Now a supposedly leaked video, which was quickly pulled, has ignited rumours that Google's bringing Now to the iPhone. I would be, of course, totally all over this like white on rice, but does anyone else want Google Now for their iPhone?

The video, which Engadget quickly managed to cap and upload for all to see before the thing was pulled, clearly shows Google Now as an extension to the already pretty great Google Search app for iOS. That thing already has Google's voice search embedded in it, so it's certainly not a massive stretch to see Now hit it too.

Generally, Google's not been one to restrict things that keep you within its ecosystem to one platform, so it would be logical to assume Now will come to Google's new favourite app ecosystem (just look at the UI development going on with its iOS apps). How it'll work out, I'm not sure though. It's unlikely to be able to automatically pull data based on your location and cache it for you for instant access like Now does on Android because of Apple's sandboxing of apps. But if it's fast enough, I guess it could be near instant as long as it has some vague idea of where you are and the time before its launched.

Anyway, I'm totally stoked by even the mild possibility that Google Now's coming to iPhone. Yes, this could be utter bullshit, a video made to prank people like me, but I want to believe, at least for a little while. What about you? Do you want arguably Android's best feature on your iPhone? Of course you bloody do, right? [Engadget]

Watch the video for yourself below and tell me what you think: