Does Spotify's New Web Player Sound OK To You?

By Chris Mills on at

Spotify's just launched a new web player. Woooo! Problem is, for some of the computers in the office, at least, the shiny new web player is churning out low-bitrate crap that sounds like it's being streamed from the inside of a gravel pit. How's it sounding for you?

The beta of Spotify's web player, which has been up and running as a closed trial for a few months, has gone live for all us lucky folks in the UK. It's accessible to anyone who can use the desktop player, with the same ad restrictions.

It looks pretty damn good -- shame I can't say the same for the sound quality, and there doesn't seem to be any way to set the bitrate, unlike the desktop site. Still, it seems to be working OK on some of the computers here in the office, so maybe it's just an isolated problem. How's it working for you? [Spotify Web Player]