Drunk Teen Sold Stolen Safari Park Tortoise for £30

By Gary Cutlack on at

The dangers of drinking and visiting safari parks have been illustrated by young Adam Steff, who stole a giant tortoise from Woburn Safari Park. You know, for a laugh.

Perhaps realising he wasn't really suited to owning the enormous animal he then managed to sell the thing on Facebook to a friend for £30. If he'd done his research, Adam would've known that the usual asking price for a valuable giant tortoise on Reptile Trader is nearer the £2,000 mark.

The tortoise was rescued after a staff member saw a photo of it on Facebook where the new owner was asking for name suggestions, recognised it, and alerted authorities. Steff's impulsive drunken animal theft earned him a £60 fine, two month curfew and 80 hours of unpaid work.

The tortoise survived the ordeal of being fed crisps for a few days. [Metro]

Image credit: Giant tortoise from Shutterstock