Dying Gamer Immortalised in Total War: Rome II

By Gary Cutlack on at

James Payne, who died of liver cancer at the tragically young age of 24, was scanned and photographed by developers and will appear as a character in the next Total War update. He'll live on as a CG grunt for all eternity.

James visited UK developer The Creative Assembly as part of a trip organised by a charity that funds special days out for young folk with serious illnesses. During his time there, as well as getting to play an early version of the strategy game sequel that won't launch until October, Creative Assembly staff snapped and measured him, then built a decent 3D clone for inclusion in the title.

Craig Laycock, Community Manager at TCA, said: "Although he won't get the chance to see Rome II released James will live on in some small way in our game. Every time I see his character I'll be reminded of what a great guy he was." [Metro]

Image credit: Yahoo!