EA Launches Battlefield 4 Complete With an Insane 17-Minute Trailer

By Chris Mills on at

Yep, Battlefield 4, the originally-named successor to EA’s Battlefield 3, has landed. Well, not quite landed -- we’ll have to wait until autumn to be able to actually, y’know, play the game, but until then, there’s the mother of all trailers to salivate over.

According to EA, it’ll be launching on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, with no word on the PS4 or Xbox 720, but, duh. There’ll be a beta, which will be available to people who bought a copy of Medal of Honour: Warfighter (so no rampant bribery there, then).

As for the actual gameplay, a peek at the trailer reveals that there’s lots of shooting people in the face, shooting scenery with shotguns, and the requisite collection of Russians and dogs. No surprises there then. [YouTube]

Image credit: EA