EE's Firing 4G Into the Cumbrian Wilderness

By Sam Gibbs on at

EE's extending its 4G rollout into the Cumbrian countryside meaning those without fibre, or even 'high speed' broadband for that matter, could just hook onto the wireless waves of LTE instead, with average speeds around 8-12Mbps and peaks of 20Mbps. Has rural high-speed internet finally arrived?

The network is essentially looking at providing traditional fixed-line broadband, without the actual hard line, to remote rural areas where digging in fibre just isn't going to happen, including the Northern Fells. Initially, rural residents hankering for faster internet will have to contend with EE's not-exactly-cheap existing mobile broadband plans. But the network's plan is to evaluate what happens when everyone hooks on, and says that it might develop special rural tariffs. Considering some people in rural areas can barely get dial-up, and satellite broadband is both horrendously expensive and slow, 4G could be the answer. It's pretty damn fast in built-up areas like London, so imagine how blazing it could be with barely anyone on it.

Image credit: Mobile mast from Shutterstock