Even Apple's Website is Vulnerable to This Nasty OS X Trojan

By Chris Mills on at

Remember that whole I'm-a-Mac-you're-a-PC-you've-got-viruses-and-I'm-a-smug-healthy-git series of ads? Yeah, those ones. Well, they've been proved wrong yet again, 'cos OS X has another Trojan vunerability that'll spam your browser with a gazillion ads (and probably steal your card details to boot).

The Trojan, charmingly named Trojan.Yontoo.1, uses a classic user-side error -- it gets you to install a plugin, ostensibly a codec for a movie trailer or something. Then, it uses the plugin to send data about the sites you visit to a third party (probably along with all your nice personal info along with it). From there, every site you visit gets spammed with adware, which is presumably how the hackers get their money (after all, not everyone's in it for the lulz).

Yeah, the vunerability works on pretty much any website -- Dr Web, the security company who found the bug, chose to go all snarky and demonstrated the virus using Apple's homepage.

While this isn't the nastiest virus floating around -- that prize surely has to go to ransomware -- it's at the front of a worrying upwards trend for OS X viruses at the start of 2013. Now, just don't mention this to your PC-using friends (if you've got any), or you'll be suffering the effects of those years of gloating. [Dr Web via TNW]

Image credit: Call Centre from Shutterstock