Ever Wanted to Dual-Boot Android and Windows 8? Well, Now You Can.

By Chris Mills on at

Intel updating BIOS code is normally the sort of eye-glazing sorta-not-really-news that we do our damndest to avoid. What they've only just gone and done, though, is release the developer version of code for Android 4.2.2 that among other things will let you dual-boot Android and Windows 8 on any Intel-powered device.

The switch from legacy BIOS to UEFI boot makes it possible for anything with Intel Inside (gag) to run Android and Windows 8 -- Intel claims to have had "success using this on many devices", so you're welcome to try it if you want. If the unholy 'Droid-Microsoft alliance tickles your fancy, you'll have to install Windows 8 first, and then load Android on the thing. What's the most grave-turning matchup you can think of? MacBook and Android?

Intel wants to remind you, though, that it's still buggy as hell, and shouldn't be used on any device you plan on actually, y'know, using: "This is a developer preview release of pre-alpha quality," Intel said. "It is buggy and not highly optimised - you have been warned." [Liliputing]