Facebook Is Going to Have a New Home on Android

By Casey Chan on at

Facebook just invited the press to an event at Facebook HQ that'll show off Facebook's "new home on Android". Is this the much talked about (and denied) Facebook phone? Will Facebook be using the Android OS to build a layer of Facebook on top of? HMM. Or is this just some new version of the Android Facebook app? We'll find out on April 4th.

TechCrunch is reporting that this press event will indeed bring a Facebook phone of sorts. Their sources say that the event will center around an HTC phone that'll run a modified version of Android "with deep native Facebook functionality". TechCrunch's sources also say that it won't be a completely new version of Android but rather a modification of Android that'll be deeply integrated with Facebook. Think things like messaging with Facebook Messenger and sharing to the 'book from anywhere in the phone.

If it looks like a Facebook phone and works like a Facebook phone...