Finger-Shaped Tacks: Handy in the Creepiest Way Possible

By Ashley Feinberg on at

Are you lonely? Do you have piles of miscellaneous papers scattered haphazardly around your home? Are you Russel Crowe in A Beautiful Mind? If any of the above apply to you, these thumb tacks taken literally may be exactly what you're looking for.

The all-white, phalangeal tacks are a clever, easy way to add some fun to any bulletin board, photo collage, or paranoid barrage of highlighted newspaper clippings. You can even arrange them into a five-finger pattern, giving you your very own hand to sort of kind of hold—no real human required. So while paper calendars may be a remnant of yesteryear and grocery lists just a phone swipe away, bulletin boards and their accompanying thumb tacks will always hold a special place in our hearts of hearts and delusional fantasies alike. You can pick these particular ones up for £6.50 at Handy-Thumbs. [Hi Consumption]