German Nokia/HTC Patent Skirmish Decided in Favour of Nokia

By Gary Cutlack on at

It's not all Samsung versus Apple in the tedious world of the mobile tech patent. Nokia and HTC are one of the many groups of companies currently at each others' throats, with a recent German ruling finding in favour of Nokia's patents.

This one is a very niche piece of code. It covers a system to reduce power in mobiles, saving battery life. The German judge found that HTC products using chips from Qualcomm has infringed this particular patent, which may result in Nokia being able to push for an import ban in Germany. Although its much more likely to rumble on and on and on for years with nothing ever really happening, like all the other petty battle being fought in legal offices around the world.

In its defence, HTC said: "The power-saving technology described in this patent is trivial and contributes only a negligible reduction in power-consumption."

Nokia's sounding triumphant, though, saying: "HTC must now respect our intellectual property and compete using its own innovations." [FOSS Patents]