Google Just Took the Ban Hammer to All Adblockers in Google Play

By Sam Gibbs on at

Following on from Google's little tweak for Android that rendered Adblockers pretty-much useless, Google's now blocked the adblockers, removing them all from Google Play. Nasty.

It's not really a surprise, because although Google's known for search, Android, email, etc etc, it's really just one massive ad company at its core. That's how Google makes most of its money, and why it builds all these awesome tools and services we know and love (before they're pulled out from under us), to keep us in its ecosystem so it can show us adverts.

That's not to say you can't block ads using other tools, of course, probably relying on rooting or custom ROMs. But something tells me this is where everyone goes and installs Amazon's app store -- if Amazon has any smarts about it, it'll be greeting all the Google Play exiles with open arms. [Android Police]

Image credit: Banned from Shutterstock