Google Now Is Now Coming to Desktop Chrome

By Sam Gibbs on at

Google Now is probably the best thing about Android -- an automatic and genuinely-useful digital assistant that spits out location and time-based information at a glance -- but now it's coming to your desktop via Chrome. After rumours and hints, Google Now's just popped up in the Chromium backend. It doesn't work for now, but it will, very soon, hopefully.

You can enable Google Now right, err, now, in the latest Chromium build, but it can't connect to the server, presumably because Google's running a private test server for it somewhere. It's exciting, especially for an iOS-user like me, because Google Now genuinely is awesome on Android, and if it's ported into Chrome it'll give everyone a taste as to how a digital assistant should be.

I can think of a few good uses for Google Now on my desktop, mainly around pre-departing travel arrangements, but what would you use it for? [Francois Beaufort via TechCrunch]