Google's Note Taking Service Keep Is Live, And It's Wonderful

By Mario Aguilar on at

We don't know if this is just an error and if it will be taken down again like it was over the weekend, but Google Keep is now live for us. You can go check it out now at

The note taking service was announced a long time ago, and it appears the Google is finally ready to pull the trigger. We reached out to Google to find out more about Keep and whether it's an official product. Usually Google is very public about these things.

There's also anĀ Android app for the service which is live:

The whole app is colourful and fun and the mobile interface in particular is crisco slick when it's working.

Google's Note-Taking Service Keep Is Live, And It's Wonderful

In trying it out so far, we've noticed that Keep is experiencing early life jitters and errors. But it's good enough when it is working that it might depose Evernote as the king of thought-capture-mountain. One thing you definitely notice is that the service is really lightweight. And some obvious features are missing. For example, you can share notes from the Android app but there's not obvious share feature on the web interface. [Google Blog]