Government Enlists Private IT Security for Secret Hack Help

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UK's security specialists are teaming up with private IT experts for the first time, creating a "fusion cell" designed to further bolster our barricades against online attackers.

The project will see members of MI5 and GCHQ hoping to learn from and share modern hacking techniques with private companies, as part of a wider Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership scheme.

An unnamed spokesman, someone probably a bit like James Bond only with more of a stoop and worse hair, said: "What the fusion cell will be doing is pulling together a single, richer intelligence picture of what is going on in cyberspace and the threats attacking the UK. What we are trying to do is get that better intelligence picture and push it out to industry in a way that they can take action on, so it is very action-orientated."

One of the core ideas is to let businesses confess to hacks in secret, allowing them share details of breaches in confidence without letting the public (AKA shareholders) know specific details of any serious attacks they may have suffered. [Guardian]

Image credit: Spies from Shutterstock