Grab Yourself Over 700 Free Marvel Comics, Right Now

By Sam Gibbs on at

Fancy something good to read on your commute home? Got yourself an iPhone, iPad or Android tablet or phone? Marvel's got you covered. It's giving away over 700 first issues from its monster comic back catalogue until just after midnight on Wednesday, if you can get it to connect that is.

At the moment, it looks like Marvel's be hammered by eager comic geeks, and hell, why shouldn't it be. That's a great offer if you're in the need of some classic reading material. All part of SXSW, you're meant to be able to grab them through Marvel's web comic store too, but all I'm getting is a broken mess-of-a-site, which tells me you might struggle to get through. Here are the apps if you fancy taking a stab yourself.

Still, there's plenty to be had that makes it worth trying for a bit. Throw your highlights in the comments below and we'll build a recommended Giz UK reading list. [Marvel via Sky]