Growler/Keg Combo Keeps Beer Cold and Carbonated; Thinks Of Everything

By Lily Newman on at

Look, the majesty of nature is great and all, but camping would be a lot better if you had cold, carbonated beer at the end of a trek. And DrinkTanks has a growler on the way to help.

The double-walled stainless steel growler keeps about 2L of beer cold all day. It has two cap options, a normal wire bale cap and a keg tap cap that has a tap hose and lets you inject CO2 and release excess pressure. There's also a handle for easy carrying.

The DrinkTanks Growler has already collected more than three times its Kickstarter goal, with three weeks left, but we'll have to wait for hands-on before categorically declaring this to be the best thing to be spawned by Kickstarter.

The growler is £45 (plus shipping from the US) and up depending on things like colour, and the keg tap cap is an extra £20, but with this setup you'll never be able to say keg tap cap correctly again, so it's probably worth it. [Kickstarter via Cool Material]