A Smorgasbord of Half-Price HDTVs Is Your "No, I'm Definitely Not Overcompensating" Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

Kep your distance because we've come down with a chronic dose of TV FEVER here today! Actually, you should only keep your distance if you've got no interest in bagging a new telly.

There's a range of top-notch, cut-price goggleboxes on offer at the moment, like the 40" Samsung 3D TV that is listed as refurbished but comes with a 12-month guarantee. It's just £348.99, about £200 less than its as-new RRP. Then there's a 50" plasma from LG -- yours delivered for only £389.99. A smaller option would be the 37" LED unit from Samsung -- that one's just £299.95. Finally, have a butchers at the sale that's going on at the Sony outlet store online, with almost 50% off the price of some Bravia models.


Today's Bonus Dealz:

Borderlands 2 (Xbox 360/PS3, pre-owned) - £10.00 with code.
Black Ops 2 (Xbox 360/PS3, pre-owned) -- only £19.00 delivered.
Just Cause 2 (PC) -- yours for £2.80.
Seagate 2TB Barracuda internal hard drive -- just £64.98.
Windows 8 Pro upgrade -- only £44.99.
The Bourne Trilogy Box Set: 100th Anniversary Edition Steelbook (Blu-ray) -- yours for £12.99.
Nintendo Wii U 32GB console & Nintendo Land -- yours for £249.00.
LiteOn BD-ROM SATA Blu-Ray Drive -- just £26.17 delivered.

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