Harlem Shake on a Plane Could Put Lives at Risk

By Gary Cutlack on at

An admittedly rather impressive shot at getting an entire plane load of passengers doing the Harlem Shake dancing meme has ended in trouble for all involved, with US aviation experts claiming the Frontier Flight 157 could've been put at risk by having so many idiots bouncing around inside.

Virtually every passenger on the US flight from Denver to San Diego took part in the video thanks to encouragement from travelling members of the Colorado College Ultimate Frisbee Team, with aviation expert Aviation expert Glen Winn claiming this put the safety of the passengers, and the plane itself, at risk. Winn said: "It's evident to me that one, the crew lost control in the cabin... I'm just amazed the crew let this happen."

Winn added "You have a weight and balance issue because that many people moving around in an aircraft, you could have the plane potentially losing control and it's very, very dangerous."

A spokesperson for Frontier Airlines said "...the seat belt sign was off" so it's happy no rules were broken, although the US Federal Aviation Authority is said to be considering launching an investigation into the stunt. [ABC15 via DM]