Has Apple Already Dumped Samsung?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Last week we heard rumours that Apple's courting Intel to produce its custom silicon for it, in an effort to ditch its dependence on Samsung's chip manufacturing. Now a new smaller chip in the updated Apple TV could indicate that Apple and Samsung have already split ways. Does this mean the gloves are off?

The Apple TV got the smallest of refreshes possible, and by small I mean the chips actually got smaller. A teardown of the little black puck by MacRumors has found that instead of a spec-bumped A5X chip at its beating heart; it is, in fact, just a smaller die-shrunk version of the A5. The interesting thing is that is so small that its likely manufacturer using a 28nm process, something Samsung's currently unable to do.

That means it's totally possible that Apple's already dumped its dependence on its warring foe, Samsung, for the fabrication specialities of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), who's already rumoured to be on-board for churning out the A6X for Apple. If Apple really has ditched Samsung for its parts, it could mean that the gloves start to come off more than they already have in the patent wars, because neither company would have ties to each other any more. That could be pretty catastrophic for everyone caught in the crossfire. [MacRumors via TechRadar]