Heads Up, Oligarchs of the World: There's a New Range Rover Sport

By Chris Mills on at

The Range Rover is undoubtedly the Chelsiest of the Chelsea tractors, but that hasn’t stopped Land Rover from releasing a new one, complete with an awesomely overpowered engine and a lighter design, so as not to crush the plebs when you drive over them.

The curtain was dropped in New York, because that’s where the most Range Rover Sports are sold, owing to the overwhelming need for four-wheel-drive on the slightly slippery pavement. The new car is said to be closely related to the current Range Rover, and it certainly looks like it -- the body just looks like a regular Range Rover that's been sat on by a particularly fat bastard. In terms of actual features, there's an aluminium body, Terrain Response system (for all the hard-core offroading you're gonna be doing), new power steering, yawn yawn yawn and wooo 500bhp V8 engine, which is more like it.

It'll go on sale this summer, with prices not yet revealed but probably in the three-to-four-limbs-and-a-kidney range. [Telegraph]