Napalm Death Concert Cancelled Because It Could Literally Have Brought the House Down

By Sam Gibbs on at

When you hear about gigs bringing the house down, you kind of assume it's just figurative, not literal. But the curators of one of London's biggest museums, the V&A, had to cancel a planned heavy metal concert because the sheer decibels would have shaken the building to bits.

Napalm Death were set to play a special gig though an experimental sound sculpture. The idea was the music would have gradually caused the sculpture to disintegrate, but things were cut short when it was discovered that the music would have had the same effect on the actual V&A itself. The concert was therefore banned by health and safety, which is probably the first time I can safely say that H&S has done us a service. I wouldn't have fancied being in those walls bashed to death by some Brummie grindcore outfit, would you? [V&A via The Register]

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