Is Argos Looking at Running Its Own Phone Network too?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Hot on the heals of Phones 4u's new incoming phone network, Argos is looking at setting up its own MVNO, apparently. You'll be able to sign up for mobile contracts from April, both phones and SIM-only, from traditional networks, but if all goes well, Argos is apparently going to launch its own MVNO. At this rate everyone and their dog will have their own network.

It's unknown on which network an "Argos Mobile" would actually run, but it'll probably be either EE or Vodafone, possibly O2. A network of its own would put it in direct competition with the likes of Tesco Mobile, Phones 4U, and Virgin.

Would you buy into an Argos Mobile? I'm not sure I would. But then, maybe it'd be dirt-cheap? Take this as purely rumour for now, but by the way things are going, it certainly wouldn't surprise me. [Mobile Today]

Image credit: ell brown from flickr