Is Google Keep a New Google Drive-Powered Note-Taking Evernote Rival?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Looks like someone at Google slipped up and hit publish on something that the world wasn't meant to see just yet. Android Police managed to snap a load of screen grabs from a new Google Drive-attached service called "Keep" before it was rudely yanked from the internet.

Apparently a quick play with the service showed it's basically an evolution of the Google Notebook of old, and works a lot like Evernote, with written notes, images, and lists all bundled into one.

As an Evernote user, I can safely say that a solid note-taking and research-collecting service is one of the best things about connected devices, short of email and a browser. I'm just surprised it's taken Google this long to get something decent together, given it can leverage Gmail, Drive, Contacts, Calendar, and search all in one. If Keep's any good, it could be the ultimate research collation tool. Now, when are we all going to get to play with it, eh Google? [Android Police]