Jessops is Re-Opening Under Peter Jones, Shit-Eating Grin Not Included

By Chris Mills on at

Jessops was probably the most annoying High Street shut-down to happen earlier this year, and certainly one of the most tragic. However, you can wipe away those tears (with an appropriately soft micro-fibre cloth, of course), because Jessops is back TODAY, complete with photos of Peter Jones looking awkward in a cheapo-polyester fleece.

The Dragon finally put some of those vast piles of 50-pound notes to work, buying up Jessops in January after it'd gone into administration. Not all of the stores are going to reopen; rather, five revamped stores (London Oxford Street, Birmingham, Manchester, Aberdeen, St Albans and High Wycombe) will get defibrillated today, and then one store per day will reopen throughout April.

In order to avoid another awkward failure six months down the line, the focus of the stores is being rejigged, with the emphasis apparently more on customer service and less on shoving extras down peoples' necks. There'll be tables to actually play with cameras (oh the novelty!), photo workshops, and express image printing services. It all sounds pretty snazzy, and definitely a step in the right direction; whether it's enough to ward off the Amazon tsunami, however, remains to be seen. [Metro]