Judge Cuts $450 Million off the $1 Billion Samsung Owes Apple

By Casey Chan on at

Judge Lucy Koh has given Samsung a huge discount on the damages it owes Apple. Originally billed to pay Apple over $1 billion, (£665 million) Judge Koh has cut $450,514,650 (£299 million) from Samsung's tab. The new total that Samsung owes is $598,908,892 (£398 million). Still an unfathomable amount of money but an unfathomable amount of money less now.

The reason for the discount is that Koh found that the jury had made an error on the timeframe of when the damages were made. Meaning, according to FOSS Patents, "The jury based its award on the notice date provided by Apple, which Judge Koh now believes was too early because only one of the patents, the rubber-banding patent, had actually been listed in a presentation Apple gave to Samsung in 2010." [FOSS Patents]