Kim Dotcom Gets Permission to Sue Kiwi Secret Services

By Gary Cutlack on at

The absolute mess surrounding the prosecution of Kim Dotcom just got a little messier, with courts ruling that the former Megaupload boss can sue local spy agencies for illegally monitoring his communications.

The case hinged around the earlier discovery that spies within NZ's Government Communications Security Bureau were watching Dotcom under the incorrect impression that he was not a citizen of New Zealand. But he was. So they weren't allowed to track and monitor him in such detail, and the Kiwi PM was even forced into apologising to the man in a rather embarrassing turnaround.

And it already looks like Dotcom will be taking the opportunity. His attorney said last night: "We look forward to holding GCSB spy org accountable. Doing so will not only protect Kim Dotcom's rights but the rights of all NZ residents." [BBC]