Meet the Insane 536BHP 6-Wheeled Beast That Mercedes Essentially Wants to Be a Tank

By Sam Gibbs on at

What's better than 4x4? How about 6x6? At least that's what Mercedes is thinking. Strap six wheels to a twin-turbocharged 5.5L V8 engine, pumping out 536bhp, that'll fire the 3.8 tonne tank to 62mph in under six seconds, and you've got the bat-shit mental Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6. A Middle-Eastern dictator's wagon of choice.

It'll apparently cost in the region of £350,000, so no, you're probably not going to be able to own one, but then, why would you want to? With 15mpg, it's not exactly going to get you very far across a desert, but then Mercedes has thought of that and kitted the thing out with two separate fuel tanks totalling to 159L of petrol to keep you rolling.

It's limited to a 100mph top speed, but it'll probably do that on any terrain you like. Around 20 to 30 of these tanks are to be made, with huge 37-inch wheels to boot, so if you did ever pick one of these up, you could probably just drive over the top of any traffic you encountered on your daily commute. [Evo]