Meet the People Who Suddenly Owe Google £1100

By Ashley Feinberg on at

We already knew about the lucky six who will officially have the honor of paying Google $1,500 in exchange for Glass and the adventures and probable ridicule that will soon follow. But now @projectglass is announcing the rest of the lucky winners by replying individually to their #ifihadglass tweets. Here they are in all their glory.


One child is going to be raised by the tender glow of a tiny transparent square #whenhisparentgetsglass.


One woman is going to get a restraining order #becauseshehasglass

One lice epidemic is going to break out in this classroom as every student immediately tries to shove their head behind the screen at once #whentheirteacherhasglass.



One woman is going to be forbidden from completing the Hajj, where cameras are a big no-no, #becauseshehasglass


One man on Mt. Everest is going to come to terms with some very harsh realities about battery life #whenhehasglass.




One man's paranoia is going to be fueled beyond his (or, say, Orwell's) wildest dreams #whenhehasglass