New Iron Man 3 Trailer: So. Much. Badass.

By Mario Aguilar on at

Oh man, Tony Stark as Iron Man is getting ready to kick some serious arse. And he's aided by some incredible effects. Watching people fall out of a plane through the sky is totally incredible. The £150-million epic, Iron Man 3, hits theaters on April 26th, and if this latest look at the flick doesn't get you excited, nothing will.

Watch the full madness unfold right here:

From the trailer, the film's aesthetic looks grittier than the previous Iron Man outings. In particular, we'll be paying special attention to the film's visual effects, since this is the first movie in the series produced without the help of Industrial Light and Magic. We'll see if the five VFX companies that worked on it can keep up with that legendary powerhouse — so far, it certainly looks like they have. The film will also be the largest Dolby Atmos release to date — it'll hit using the new immersive theatre sound in 450 theatres across the world.

But you know what? Forget all that for now. Just sit back and enjoy Iron Man getting his arse kicked, kicking arse right back, and everything in between.