Nokia Begs Instagram For a Windows Phone App With Its Own Instagram Love-Letter App

By Sam Gibbs on at

Windows Phone is struggling to get the big markee apps on-board, and Nokia's painfully aware of the fact that apps make a platform. So, what does it do to try and convince Instagram to get its arse in gear and make a WP8 app? It releases a cheeky little app that essentially lets Windows Phone users send Instagram love letters through the medium of artsy photography.

The #2InstaWithLove app polaroids your photo and fires it out onto your social networks of choice with the hashtag #2InstaWithLove. So, instead of petitioning Instagram, users can indulge their passion for fancy photography and beg Instagram for a full WP8 app in the process.

That's absolutely razor-sharp marketing from Nokia right there, and hell, it might even work. If you're a Windows Phone user, Nokia or other, and wish your chosen platform had a proper Instagram app, then what are you waiting for? Jump all over this. The app's free, and Instagram will probably be listening, so make yourself heard. [WP Store via Nokia]