Now You Can Actually Drive a Car With Your iPad, James Bond-Style

By Sam Gibbs on at

Ever wished you were James Bond in Tomorrow Never Dies, with his BMW 5 series he drove using a touchpad on an Ericsson phone? Yeah, me too, and while no, you can't drive a BMW with your phone (yet), you can drive a Vauxhall with your iPad.

Some Russian hackers modded up an old Vauxhall (Opel) Vectra with a beastly steering motor, actuators for the brakes and accelerator, and a gear shifter that can all be remotely controlled via Wi-Fi. Instead of hooking into the vehicle's electricals like a load of others do, the kit actually bolts onto the inside of the car, meaning it could fit pretty much any car.

The team's goal is to make it controllable via the internet and then turn it into a kit they can sell for anyone to bolt onto their existing car. It looks pretty damn cool, with a touchscreen analogue steering wheel and buttons for the brakes and accelerator. It's practically Real Racing but for real. James Bond, eat your heart out. [RedHotRussia via Jalopnik]