Ouya Will Flash Us on March 28th and Get Online Multiplayer Gaming By the Year End

By Sam Gibbs on at

Managed to get in at the ground floor with theĀ Ouya? Then you probably don't care that the rest of us will only catch a glimpse of it at an official March 28th launch, because you'll have your own Ouyas landing in your laps. But you might be interested to learn that you should be able to do a spot of online multiplayer gaming before the year's out.

Apparently "thank you" isn't enough, according to Ouya, so it's holding a shindig on the 28th in San Francisco. Nice of it to fly us all out, hey? I have an idea, why doesn't it just ship more of the things out; that would be thanks enough.

Anyway, in an interview with Forbes, Julie Uhrman, Ouya's CEO, let slip that the company is working on online gaming, with an Xbox Live-style system including achievements and leader boards. Basically, Ouya's trying to match the services and facilities of traditional consoles.

Unfortunately, the service won't be up and running for the official on-store-shelves launch in June this year, but should, hopefully, be up and running before the year's out. That could mean we'll all be able to dominate each other in Android-powered COD-style battle royales at Christmas. Now that really would be something to celebrate. [Forbes, IGN]