Philips' Stunning New TV Looks More Like a Work of Art Than a Screen

By Sam Gibbs on at

Lots of TV manufacturers have aimed for the high design end of the market, but none have really looked any good. Philips is trying to buck that trend with its new DesignLine TV, which looks more like a slab of glass artwork than a screen to watch the likes of Iron Man on.

Available in 46 and 55-inches, for £2000 and £2800 respectively, the new DesignLine TV certainly isn't for the budget-conscious, but then neither is modern art, on the whole.

When off it's meant to look like a smooth piece of glass just leaning up against the wall with a clear to black gradient. Once on you're treated to a frameless screen, packed with all the gubbins that Philips TVs are known for: 140Hz motion smoothing; micro dimming and local contrast; 3D, and Wi-Fi for its smart TV interface. It's also packing a 3-sided ambilight system, to light up your otherwise drab room.

Available around June this year in the UK, if you fancy a truly frameless-looking set, you can't get much more design-led than this beauty.