Play All Your Old Games On The RetroN 5

By Lily Newman on at

The coming of the Hyperkin RetroN 3 marked the end of doing a rain dance while blowing into your childhood SNES. And now Hyperkin is so excited about expanding compatibility that they're skipping ahead and calling their next console RetroN 5.

Five because the RetroN 5 will support NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Famicom and Game Boy Advanced cartridges, though it's also kind of seven because Game Boy Color and original Game Boy games will be good to go, too. Hyperkin is looking at a July release and a price under £65, which will include two universal bluetooth controllers. The console will also have two controller ports for each system. NES and Famicom use the same ports, and the SNES controllers will double for Game Boy games. RetroN5 will also have HDMI connectivity and upscale games to 720p.

Hyperkin may look into reverse engineering newer systems like Playstation and N64, but the patents on those systems haven't expired yet. And you'll be up all night as it is playing on the RetroN 5. [Slashdot]