Polite Graffiti Artists Correct the Grammar of their Miseducated Peers

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some of London's stupidest graffiti is being corrected out there on the streets, thanks to the work of a crack team of apostrophe-aware tutors armed with marker pens and keen to right the wrongs of poorly written street art.

The team is turning the numerous URs about the place into the more acceptable yours, removing rogue letters and generally tidying up the scrawl of the pen-sniffing urban youths who write their insults and slogans about the walls of the city.

Sadly this isn't really the work of a lone grammar enthusiast who goes out late at night dressed up like Susie Dent to battle word crime, as it's really a clever form of street advertising for a home education company. Still. Great idea. [Tutor Crowd via Buzzfeed]