Possible Samsung Galaxy S IV Photos Appear on Chinese Forum

By Gary Cutlack on at

That rather bland, classically Samsung-like lump up there may well be the Galaxy S IV, with a post on a Chinese Samsung forum taking plenty of snaps of it and performing the usual benchmarks to supposedly confirm the sighting as genuine.

The latest leaked Galaxy S IV images show a phone that looks like an enlarged S III, complete with signature physical home button that Samsung seems desperate to keep hold of as some sort of link to the past. And there's a... camera lens on the back. That's about all in the way of visible features it's possible to pull out.

Internally, the site also provided screen grabs showing an Antutu benchmark reporting the expected 1080p screen resolution alongside the PowerVR 544MP GPU previously reported, although the Samsung processor says it's "only" a quad-core unit rather than the ludicrous eight-core powerhouse we've been expecting. Perhaps it's a Chinese variant? Or an elaborate fake.

We kind of hope these images aren't the real thing, actually, as even with a 1080p display and high-end GPU inside it's tough to get excited about something that takes so few chances with its physical design in comparison with last year's model. We will find out on Thursday. [52 Samsung via Sammy Hub]