PS4's Hard Drive Will be a Whopper (Official Terminology)

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sony used a presentation at the US Game Developers Conference last night to reiterate many of the PS4 features it demonstrated at last month's big announcement event, and although nothing hugely new was shown off, it did confirm we'll see a hard drive in every unit -- and it'll be big.

Sony engineer Chris Norden is the giver of the size quote, reportedly telling gathered gamers that: "There's also going to be a very large hard drive in every console." Not just large. Very large. We're not sure how many gigabytes are in a very large, but it must be at least 500.

Norden also talked at length about the popular installation tools, which will let players start to play PS4 games "pretty much immediately" thanks to encouraging developers to create simple initial levels or tutorials that can be played while the bulk of the game downloads or installs to this enormous hard drive. [Gamespot]