Report: Twitter Is Working on Its Own Music App

By Leslie Horn on at

Acquisitions usually aren't for nothing, and CNET is reporting that Twitter's purchase of music discovery app We Are Hunted last year means it's own standalone music app is allegedly on the way very soon.

Called Twitter Music, the app would debut on iOS, supposedly as early as the end of the month. Apparently it will work much like music-finding apps you're familiar with, Shazam and Soundhound for example, combing all of the accounts you follow and the things your friends are listening to, to give you personalised suggestions.

There will reportedly be six tabs — one called #NowPlaying, which shows you songs people you're following are tweeting out, one called Suggestions, one for artists you follow, and another for artists your friends follow. The other two tabs are big on the discovery factor, with one for popular songs and another featuring rising musicians. Songs will be streamed within the app using Soundcloud, CNET states. It sounds very straightforward. People already use Twitter to share songs and playlists and so forth, so building on those existing habits for a Twitter-branded music service isn't such a bad idea. [CNET]