Rumour: New Samsung Galaxy S4 Grabs Show Screen Specs and 13MP Camera

By Gary Cutlack on at

Someone supposedly in possession of a Galaxy S4 has fired off a new batch of screenshots and conducted a scan of the internal hardware, once again suggesting the next Samsung flagship features updated eye-tracking tech and a 1080p display.

The screenshots of the phone's OS, which come via GSM Israel, include a useful system analysis provided by third-party app Quick System Info Pro. This tool, which compiles a handy snapshot of the configuration of any device it's running on, tallies with earlier reports of the S IV's power, reporting that a 1080 x 1920 display resolution manages to create a pixel density of 480 on the S4.

Also shown in grabs are the Galaxy S4's camera options, which let you capture images at up to 13-Megapixel resloution if you don't mind using 4:3 aspect ratio, plus we get a quick look at the Home screen and more of the the updated "Smart" options.

Of course, it could all be a fake put together using a free version of CS2. But the images are very convincing and tie in exactly with both Samsung's usual interface style and what we've heard about the S4 thus far. So we're in the believer camp at this moment in time. [GSM Israel via Slashgear]

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