What's the Best Price Plan for the Samsung Galaxy S4?

By Chris Mills on at

There's one thing you can guarantee about the Samsung Galaxy S4: no matter what it's actually like, it'll sell like gold-plated unibody-construction rocking-horse-shit. It's already busted records for pre-registrations (whatever they are), but now it's up for real pre-orders, with money and everything. So the big question is, what's the best place to buy your shiny new S4?


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On contract, you're looking at signing away your life for two years, so you'd better be damn sure before you pull the trigger. The table above shows a comparison of the best plans from the various networks (we chose to compare plans with 2GB of data or more). Best value is quite clearly Three, and, as you'd expect, EE's 4G contract is a fair bit dearer than the rest of the competition. There are also contracts from Vodafone, O2 and T-Mobile.

If you don't want go go for a long contract -- maybe you prefer the flexibility, or you know you'll be upgrading after a year -- it's worth looking at buying the handset outright. An unlocked phone will run you £529 from online retailers at the moment; once you've got the handset, you can get a SIM-only contract from any of the networks. Cheapest here is still Three, but GiffGaff is also worth looking at if you're worried about Three's reputation for poor coverage. You can do exhaustive comparison using the excellent tool here.