Samsung Is 'Sorry' For Being a Bit of a Sexist Jerk

By Chris Mills on at

Samsung's been on a bit of a sexist roll lately, but at least the company's doing the decent thing and 'fessing up, apologising for 'any offence caused' by portraying the fairer sex as a binge-drinking, nail-file-obsessed bunch of swimsuit models.

The bad PR started with the Galaxy S4 launch, which as well as being generally dire, also found the time to throw in some gender stereotypes about girls only caring about booze, weddings and their waistlines. Then, Samsung felt the need to launch a washing machine in South Africa by dressing a bunch of models in swimsuits and getting them to strategically cavort on stage, presumably to stop the audience falling asleep or something.

And let's not forget, this is from the same company that feels it's totally appropriate and in no way patronising to post tweets like this:

Still, under the weight of a metric tonne of criticism, they managed to stutter out an apology (or, Samsung South Africa did at least):

"Samsung South Africa is committed to embracing a variety of consumers across our very diverse local market and in no way intended to isolate or offend any one of these audiences through these events. As a result, we would like to apologise for any offence caused in this regard and assure you that we acknowledge your views and opinions on the matter. To this end we will endeavour to be more sensitive around these issues going forward and will raise all relevant matters with our headquarters and respective regional offices accordingly."

Which, reading between the lines, sounds something like: 'Oops, we won't let the intern have the keys to the social media account any more, and next time we'll throw some topless guys in among the dancers as well'. [CNET via TechRadar]